Woodham HIM Solutions knows that each facility is unique in terms of its requirements, systems, and processes. We tailor each solution to meet your needs: Our primary goal is to ensure you meet your financial and productivity goals!
  • Provide a comprehensive review of immediate needs and the overall coding process
  • Identify areas and deficiencies that impact billing—compliance, DFNB management, denials, and accuracy
  • Assign ICD-10 certified medical coders and qualified coding supervisors to monitor coding excellence and productivity
  • Encourage continuing education and professional development programs
  • Offer flexibility in staffing options
  • Hire the top coders in the industry: 3-5 minimum years of experience, fully credentialed, tested and accurate (95% or greater)

Our Approach

First, you identify the goals of each project. Then, we deliver the right combination of people and processes to address your targeted revenue, coding, and clinical documentation needs.

Save your facility time and money with Woodham’s reliable and affordable outsourced coding services today.


Our Mission Statement

Our first responsibility is to our customers. Everything we do must be of the highest quality in providing timely, accurate and client driven services. Our primary focus is providing a team of professional and experienced coders, auditors, directors and consultants to support stronger revenue integrity for our hospitals.