Woodham’s team of professional coding, claims and documentation consultants are skilled at improving revenue cycle operations in every healthcare environment. Our coders, auditors and educators solve staff shortages through short and long term support for coding, claims corrections, coding audits, interim management, and clinical documentation improvement (CDI).

With over 20 years of experience providing HIM services across the nation, our team creates tailored services to meet your organization’s unique requirements. We approach every healthcare facility, coding project and consulting engagement with a “can-do” attitutude and logical, problem-solving solutions.

From hospitals to outpatient facilities and physician practices, you’ll discover:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Higher productivity
  • Superior performance
  • Stronger return on investment

Why wait for other HIM consulting firms to earn your trust? Simpify your workload today with our deep knowledge and proven expertise in clinical coding, coding audits, claims corrections and CDI. DOWNLOAD FACT SHEET.


Accurate clinical coding is essential for proper reimbursement and correct quality reporting.  Spot-on coding is also the most effective way to reduce your risk of denials, recovery audits and revenue take-backs. Through ongoing training and quality assurance reviews, Woodham ensures a 95% or greater accuracy rate in ICD-10 clinical coding.


Hospitals nationwide report a 25 to 30 percent reduction in coder productivity with ICD-10. Many facilities struggle with added code granularity, new coding terms and clinical documentation gaps. While your internal staff focus on getting codes right, consider outsourced coding services from Woodham to:

  • Maintain day-to-day productivity
  • Relieve coding and DNFB backlogs
  • Provide weekend or vacation coding coverage
  • Meet key performance standards in ICD-10


Beyond coding accuracy and best-in-class efficiency, Woodham HIM Solutions ensures the industry’s strongest HIM, claims clean-up and clinical documentation improvement performance. We stand by every contractual agreement with reliability, timeliness and organization.

Stop chasing vendors and take preventative action through a Woodham HIM partnership including:

  • Fast, economical and secure outsourcing set up
  • Flexible schedules, no contractual obligations
  • Technology-enabled services with built-in dashboards and reporting
  • Multiple EHR/EMR system experience

Return on Investment

With over 20 years of experience providing health information management solutions across the nation, our coding, claims correction, interim management, and clinical documentation services deliver the best possible return for your outsourcing investment. A hybrid blend of domestic and international resources work together to exceed accuracy and efficiency targets without breaking the bank. Our budget-conscious rates include:

  • Out of the box contracting
  • Shared-risk options
  • Proven ROI within 60 days
  • Rapid correction of your coding denials for rebills

Our Mission Statement

Our first responsibility is to our customers. Everything we do must be of the highest quality in providing timely, accurate and client driven services. Our primary focus is providing a team of professional and experienced coders, auditors, directors and consultants to support stronger revenue integrity for our hospitals.