Bundled Payments

Feeling overwhelmed with bundled payments? Once optional, participation in bundled payments is now mandatory for hundreds of hospitals nationwide.

Careful coding, tracking and cost management is essential for hospitals to remain profitable during the shift to value-based reimbursement. Specifically for the comprehensive care for joint replacement model (CJR), new HIM and coding challenges have emerged. Woodham HIM Solutions understands.

  • Gather medical record information, clinical documentation and codes across the entire bundled payment encounter
  • Understand specific nuances of total joint replacement diagnosis and surgical codes
  • Recognize the importance of precise CPT coding for physical therapy and other treatments

Woodham coders are uniquely and additionally trained in orthopedic service lines to move with you into bundled payments.  We ensure accurate and complete coding for every CJR case—from admission through 90 days post discharge. With Woodham, your facility focuses on CJR case quality—not CJR case coding.