Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical documentation is the foundation for correct coding, billing, quality measures and value-based reimbursement. Without complete and accurate clinical documentation, errors occur, claims are denied and quality is incorrectly reported.

Woodham HIM Solutions provides retrospective clinical documentation reviews for hospitals, health systems, clinics and physician practices. Our expert reviewers identify specific areas for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and targeted physician education. Services include:

  • Retrospective documentation reviews
  • Targeted learning classes
  • Peer-to-peer CDI mentoring

However, unlike traditional case-by-case review, Woodham HIM Solutions reviews a large sampling of records to uncover and report key trends in documentation deficiency:

  • By physician
  • By diagnosis
  • By procedure

CDI teams maximize their time with physicians while also implementing rapid, practical documentation improvement tactics across patient access, coding, quality and revenue cycle teams. Education and financial improvements are quickly recognized with Woodham’s retrospective clinical documentation review services.

Expand your clinical documentation review processes with Woodham’s Clinical Documentation Improvement services today.

Our Mission Statement

Our first responsibility is to our customers. Everything we do must be of the highest quality in providing timely, accurate and client driven services. Our primary focus is providing a team of professional and experienced coders, auditors, directors and consultants to support stronger revenue integrity for our hospitals.