Revenue Recovery Small Claims

Denied claims due to coding errors and medical necessity cost time and money to correct. Scarce medical record coders are too valuable to investigate small dollar denials, fix edits, and cleanup codes. For resource-strapped hospitals , the only solution is often to write-off small dollar coding denials and failed ancillary claims.

However, in an era of shrinking margins providers must make every dollar count. Any effort to recoup money earned is time well-spent. Even the tiniest dollar amounts ad up to huge cash flow improvements. A closer look at your denied claims could save you millions.

Large academic medical center $11M per year in denied ancillary claims 80% corrected and rebilled
170-bed community hospital $200K per month in denied ancillary claims 78% corrected and rebilled

Claims Corrections Service

Woodham HIM Solutions offers a logical solution to the failed claims conundrum: claims correction services. By retrospectively reviewing your coding denials and providing timely corrections, your facility can:

  • Rebill up to 80% on average of coding denials within payer time limits
  • No impact to existing employees or current vendor relationships
  • Stop writing off small dollar accounts
  • Implement corrective actions based on expert coding recommendations
  • Mitigate future coding denials
  • Add up the savings!

We re-evaluate medical necessity, recheck your CCI edits, documentation, modifieres and provide expert recommendations for better coding. The result? Timely corrections to rebill denied claims and recoup lost revenue. Here’s how it works.

  • No upfront costs: You only pay for claims and paid
  • Free education: You receive details on why claims were denied for corrective action
  • Positive cash flow: We charge 20% of the paid resubmission, but only after it is reimbursed
  • We work with all payors; Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurers

All forensic coding work is performed by AHIMA credentials RN’s. Our experts use innovative methodologies for post-payment auditing, proprietary analytics and data-mining tools. Your patient information is kept safe and secure at all times including HIPAA approved privacy workflows and security measures.

"When searching for a trusted revenue cycle partner, we selected a company with a team of professionals to help us gain control of our problematic billing, clinical appeals and coding issues. Their results have been outstanding adding over $6 million in cash last year by cleaning edits, resubmitting denials on technical errors and locating missing charges."

Thomas McCormick, Associate Vice President for Patient Accounting
University of Pennsylvania Health System

Convert your small dollar write offs to big dollar savings with Woodham’s Denied Claims Management Service today.

Our Mission Statement

Our first responsibility is to our customers. Everything we do must be of the highest quality in providing timely, accurate and client driven services. Our primary focus is providing a team of professional and experienced coders, auditors, directors and consultants to support stronger revenue integrity for our hospitals.